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Presented to the faculty of the College of
The Hospitality and Institutional Management and
The College of Arts and Science
Our Lady of Fatima University
Quezon City

In Partial Fulfillment of The requirements in
HRES 1 (Research Methodology)


Espejo, Avy Anne
Leyson, Elenor A
Nucup, Fernando Jr. L
Oliver, Joann M.


Foremost, the researchers would like to express their deepest gratitude to the Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who made this thing possible, to him to be glory and honor. The researchers wish to express their gratitude to their Professor, Dr. Enolita Faustino
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The study will answer the following questions:
1. What are the profiles of the respondents in terms of:
1.1 age 1.2 gender
2. What are the common behavioral problems of the respondents during their lecture classes?
3. What is the lecture performance of the respondents?
4 .Is there significant relationship between profile and lecture performance of the respondents?

Hypothesis There is no significant relationship between the profile of respondents and the behavioral problems during lecture.

Significance of the Study

The beneficiaries of this study are the school management, students, researchers, and future researchers.
School management School Management will able to examine and determine the factors that may lead to behavioral problems, so they can make preventive or corrective actions.
Researchers Researchers will able to know the relationship of behavioral problems on the lecture performance of students and to develop the mental skills for problem-solving analysis.
Students Students would be gain knowledge and it will serve as the basis of understanding on how to manage and avoid behavioral problems.
Future researchers Future researchers will develop other possible insights and more advanced strategies in gathering data. it would motivate those who aspire to conduct deeper and rigorous study about preference of common behavioral problems of BSHRM students towards lecture
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