Example of Team Conflict

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Examples of Team Conflict and Outcomes

Below are two examples of team who experienced conflict and worked through the problem. (The team and individual names have been changed.)

Team #1 was formed early in October and was enthusiastic in participating in Global Challenge. However, in March, we received the following email:

Dear Sally,

Susie Smith has formally decided to drop out of Global Challenge. It was explained to me, by her, that she wasn 't fully aware of how much work this would all be when she signed up, and that she has gotten in over her head. I had noticed that from about two months in, her enthusiasm began to wane progressively. She no longer seemed to care, but I was hoping that she still did.
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They addressed their team struggles in section 7.0 of the business plan as follows:

Team Process
Jae Kim was introduced to Jenny Jones by his friend, president of the environmental club called Roots & Shoots his school. As Jenny suggested to participate in the GCA as a joint group, Jae Kim’s old friend Won Jung, and Jenny’s roommate Kendra soon joined in the Team #2.

Team #2 took initiative from the very beginning and did a good job in being close to each other quickly and deciding a business item. Jenny and Kendra showed great enthusiasm in bringing up and searching for diverse ideas. We decided an idea about methane and livestock, which was suggested by Won. It was basically about reducing the amount of methane gas naturally emitted by cows, which accelerates global warming, through biotechnology. The idea was wonderful. However, it needed profound knowledge in the contemporary biotechnology. We contacted several professionals in research centers and universities, but even they could not address several problems expected to occur in the idea of reducing methane gas without harming the cow. The problem of reality and practicality hindered our progress on the project. Finally, because of the slow progress as well as their busy schedules, Jenny and Kendra gave up the project.

Jae and Won gave it up as well for a while. However, while they once thought the
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