Examples Of A Memorable Experience Essay

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Memorable Moments

First, my memorable and valuable experience in college has allowed me the chance to be able to sharpen my study skills in my chosen field. There have been opportunities for me to learn and improve my skills through my time in college, which I am very thankful and happy about. For example, at my school, in the Writing Center, I have learned some writing tips that I didn't even know existed, and had this not been a part of my experience I would still be unaware. Because of this, despite what I was thinking, I still had quite a bit to learn; but this has given me the chance to improve my craft more through attending school, as well as give me a lot more confidence in the area that I plan to study towards. And as a result, some day I will have a rewarding career from this memorable and value experience.
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For instance, Learning about religion has been a privilege, and all the parts of the world I was unfamiliar with, religions of Islam and Buddhism, that beforehand I had no knowledge of. From this experience, I have learned a lot of things about these cultures that were very interesting and how the religions are followed. Also, learning about all the different practices and ideas of the religions in different parts of the world, such as worshipping multiple deities, reincarnation, and meditation, has been memorable to me because of its value, and all the misconceptions that are cleared up now that I once had, which has enabled me to understand the topic better and be less ignorant. It has also helped me understand traditions and beliefs of others more clear, no matter where in the world of their origin. This has made my time as a student a lot more memorable, worthwhile, and
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