Examples Of A Reckless Professional Arbitrator

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LOGLINE: A reckless, professional arbitrator hired to cover-up premature deaths at a hospital, stumbles upon a health care conspiracy and finds his life at risk. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: RYAN MARSDEN (40’s) is a professional arbitrator. He’s hired to cover up and fix other people’s fuck ups. Addicted to cocaine and reckless, Ryan can’t fix his own past mistakes that lead to the death of his 4-year-old niece, SOPHIA. His brother, JASON, won’t even take his calls. Ryan’s boss LORD CHARLIE HUNTER (40’s) instructs Ryan to cover-up premature deaths at South Hampton Hospital. When he arrives, he meets SERAPHINE JONES (20’s), whose father goes into cardiac arrest. Ryan realizes there’s no nursing staff to help, and he’s forced to perform CPR, but the
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