Examples Of A Wife Archetype

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TheA fantastic example of the loyal wife archetype and the loyalty they hold to their husbands, also known as is Penelope in Homer’s, The Odyssey. Penelope’s husband, Odysseus has been at war for the past twenty years and is presumably dead. During this time, Penelope and her son Telemachus end up living amongst numerous suitors who attempt to court Penelope. However she continues to mourn the “loss” her husband and vows to never remarry or entertain the suitors out of loyalty to Odysseus. She does this by beginning a large piece of needlework that must be finished before she entertains the suitors. Although at night, she undoes her work, in order to allot more time. This abounding loyalty to spouse can also be seen in Kate, within Kate and…show more content…
With the preservation of life as the obvious priority, Kate decides to compromise her personal beliefs and emulate a loyal wife to please Petruchio and ultimately save her life. When Petruchio begins to deprive Kate of food and water in forceful efforts to make her acquire these traits, Kate continues to power through and remain confident and headstrong against Petruchio. Although as she continues to be malnourished and brainwashed, Kate makes the executive decision to submit completely and act as the perfect wife. Even when Petruchio is attempting to convince Kate of unrealistic nonsense, she is obedient and submissive. “Then God be blessed, it is the blessèd sun. But sun it is not, when you say it is not, and the moon changes even as your mind. What you will have it named, even that it is, And so it shall be so for Katherine” (Shakespeare IV.v.21-25). While Kate does eventually acquire the traits of a classic loyal wife, she continues to contrast the true archetype due to the fact that in reality, Kate is doing these things out of necessity and strategy, as a way to stay alive. In the case of a true loyal wife archetype, they believe they are lost or worthless compared to their husbands, and they must be relentlessly submissive at all costs. For example, in The Odyssey, Penelope is convinced her husband has died out in war and hasn’t stopped mourning since. In events following, Odysseus returns home with zero…show more content…
According to many works of Shakespeare and other classic literature pieces, a loyal wife is known to be quite ignorant, naive, and submissive. They're seasoned to believe that any deviation from these norms represented a lack of loyalty and obedience to spouse. Although in many modern relationships, women encourage and challenge their significant other. This constructive criticism and tough love would now be considered a sign of love and loyalty. Although encouraging and motivating a husband to better themselves would have been viewed as disrespectful and
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