Examples Of Advertisement On Content And Communications Executive

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Advertisement 1: Content and Communications Executive From the advertisement: “You are personable, dedicated to delivering quality work and are always three steps ahead. You consider yourself a brand journalist, a content creator, a writer, a strategist. You pride yourself on being able to develop and maintain relationships. You will be comfortable in managing both small and large projects. You dream about storytelling, about brands and content, about people and what makes them tick. You are annoyingly organised.” Working for a SaaS company like Zoho, I constantly write various types of copy for the web and, occasionally, print. I write landing pages, AdWords copy, internal and third-party blogs, and more. From outlining a piece to…show more content…
Some of the Twitter campaigns I’ve executed are #SayYesToAutomation, Rapid all the way, and The Citizen Developer story. To feed my love for storytelling, I also compiled twenty customer case studies and presented them in a story-format for easy reading. I then ran these stories as a partly-paid and promoted campaign on Twitter, and named it #AppStories. In my four years at Zoho, I’ve drafted collaterals for a business-savvy audience, transferring the value of Zoho’s products to them. I’ve co-worked with designers, copywriters, and copy editors of varied languages and backgrounds, and so I consider myself adept in both written and oral communication. I am ever ready to team up to get work done. As I handle many tasks over a short period of time, it’s vital that I distribute my work hours and cope under the pressure of publishing copy in a consistent manner. Since generating copy for social media and online ads requires fast turnouts, I’m no stranger to organising my time and tasks within short deadlines for optimum output. These are the qualities that make me a suitable fit for this job role. ———————————————————————————————————————— Advertisement 2: Communications & Content Specialist From the advertisement: You will be responsible for generating and maintaining opportunities for our clients to reach a targeted
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