Examples Of Affective Event Theory

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Affective events theory is a model that outlines how feelings and emotions tends to affect employees’ behaviors, Performance and job satisfaction. Affective event theory are explains how emotions and behaviors go hand in hand. There are different sources behaviors, which can be cause of the work environment, work events, the weather and other factor. It can be positive or negative but the bottom line is that emotions do affect our behavior and the way we perform. Emotions and moods can be triggered because of an unpleasant event. Job satisfaction can be determine by current emotions or pass experience surrounding an event or job task. The quality of work and job performance can result because of mood and emotions. Behaviors that are based on emotions are brief, and usually last the time of the event or about an hour after. Good…show more content…
Since emotions and behavior affects the way people think and behave, it should not be ignored. The amount of output employees put into their work determines the output, therefore as managers they should ensure that employees portray or display positive attitudes. Positive output give positive outcomes and negative output give negative outcomes. Emotional intelligence- is the ability to know that one is expressing a certain emotions and being able to control it and still identify other people feelings without them noticing. Is learned not acquired, which makes one self aware. Can affect a person judgment to control emotions and consciously apply them to tasks that deserve critical thinking and communicating thus, slowing down productivity. Simply means managing emotions, keeping your own emotions in check and still being able to cheering up or calming down other people. This though can affects physical health, mental health and
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