Examples Of Aggressive Bigotry

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When I was thirteen years old I experienced what I like to label my first true example of aggressive bigotry. I had met racists, religious zealots, and radicals with all sorts of different beliefs that conflicted with mine but but never had I been subjected to any sort forced beliefs in an environment that I had been told was safe. It was a disheartening experience that left me questioning what I really believed and if these people were really of the sterling character I thought they were.
The aforementioned incident occurred on a Wednesday night between six and eight in the evening. I remember the date and time because this was when my church youth group met each week. It was a slow night and it was only a few of the regulars, a group in which
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I have always tried to stick to my beliefs and not pick sides unless my conscience absolutely mandated it, but when it comes to homosexuality I stand firmly in the biased corner. I was raised to be open to other people's beliefs and with several of my close family members being gay so I was appalled by some of what they had to say. At first it was the stereotypical right wing, hypocritical nonsense such as the sin aspect of it, that marriage was sacred and solely for a man and woman, and the spread of their “disease” as it was called to the young, impressionable, and innocent. It’s hard to imagine it getting any worse but it did. They were soon talking about depriving them of their rights, rounding them up, and forcing them to live in special “communities”. Sounds familiar right? Well it gets worse. At one point someone ordained it necessary to ask what the bible said about it and if you’re not familiar with what the good book has to say on the subject, it is barbaric. Yet another image of to go hand-in-hand with the first. This was met with jokes and laughter from almost everyone present and luckily it ended there and didn’t go to a more personal level or I might of never have been able to go back to that
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