Examples Of Alienation In The Metamorphosis

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The novella “Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka” clearly portrays the cause and effect of societies mistreatment and degrading behavior to men and women of the Jewish Religion. Especially in the locale of where and when the novella, The Metamorphosis takes place In the Country of Germany prior to World War II while Hitler was slowly making a rise to his dictatorship and terrorist position. Franz Kafka, the author of the novella, “The Metamorphosis” portrays his emotions and his life that was being transformed by society into this wonderful work of art through setting, theme, tone and symbolism, the thematic concern that this paper is focused on is alienation. The novella has many different themes along with some that go hand in hand to help build this complex work. Some examples include alienation, isolation, loneliness, love, and death. The thematic concern that this paper is focused on is alienation. Alienation is shown when almost all humanity is stripped from Gregor. The only item that remained and barely connected Gregor to humanity and society was the framed photo of the woman dressed in fur. Gregor protects this item from his mother and sister while they cleaned out his room to give him some comfort and room to roam around. At this point in time his mother and younger sister still cared and worried about him.
He protects his photo because it is the only thing he can physically cover, but, also he is subconsciously drawn to it for more than one reason. Secondarily the
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