Examples Of Allegory In The Red Badge Of Courage

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1.) Describe Henry Fleming. Include physical descriptions and personality traits. Who exactly is Henry? He was mostly known as the “Youthful Soldier.” “He is forever wrestling with his own internal dilemmas concerning courage, fear, and manhood.” (BookRags) Some adjectives that describe Henry in the beginning of the story are: immature, obstinate, and negative. Some adjectives that describe Henry in the end of the story are: mature, strong, and positive.

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2.) Explain the events Henry has to overcome. How might you react to these situations? There were many events that Henry had to overcome. I’ll just talk about three
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I did find a lot of allegory, as well as symbolism.

8. How does Henry respond to Jim Conklin’s fate?
Henry responds to Jim Conklin’s fate. At first, he didn’t know that the dying solider was Jim, until he heard the breaking news. He thought it was someone else. “The death of Jim isn't totally unexpected by the reader precisely because of the portrayal of this character.” (Chapter 9) Henry reacted as devastated and shocked. “Jim's death is of great significance to Henry primarily because Jim was invincible in Henry's eyes.” (Chapter 9) To be honest, death is known to be a fatal thing. I think Jim’s death was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason.

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9. Describe Henry’s interactions with the “tattered man.”
Henry has many interactions with the “tattered man.” At first, he disregarded him. Then, he finally talked to him, later on. The “tattered man” told him to not worry about Jim’s death, as well as told him that it’s not his fault, what so
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Describe how Henry gets his “red badge.” Explain its irony. The irony is that he complained about not having one since the beginning of the novel. All the soldiers had one. Henry didn’t. To be honest, he wanted to be wounded purposely, just so he could be like everyone else.

12. How does Henry predict his regiment will treat him when he returns? Explain whether or not he was correct.
Henry predicted that his regiment will treat him a certain way he returns. Henry was wrong. He thought that they would get into a fight, meaning him and the group of solders. They never really did.


13. How has Wilson changed? Is this Henry’s perception, or has Wilson changed?

Wilson has changed. He’s not the same person, he once was. I personally think that this has to do with Henry’s perception, as well as Wilson truthfully changing. A quotation to prove this is: “Wilson even gives Henry his one blanket. Henry notes that Wilson has changed. He is now caring and thoughtful. He no longer boasts or argues.” (Shmoop) Wilson even owns up to it, as

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