Examples Of Ambition In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Essay

With the same hands Frankenstein built the monster, he holds his dying wife. Throughout Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein and his creation fight against each other as ambition, abandonment and the lack of responsibility result in the downfall of both. As the creator, Frankenstein represents a parental figure to his creation. A conflict arises through the years leading up to Frankenstein’s creation and continues for years while taking the lives of multiple people. Frankenstein’s knowledge and ambition, the creature’s life in isolation, and the poor relationship between the two results in their conflict.

Two powerful words that can change the way one thinks and views the word. Knowledge and ambition.
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His dreams soon became his nightmare. By playing God, Frankenstein gives life to a monster that is a physical representation of the vile ideas he has. The formation of the beast represents the negative impact of knowledge and ambition. Frankenstein’s goal is the main source behind the conflict between the creator and the creature. Without a creation, there would have never been a conflict to begin with. The creature witnesses the worst in humanity when his creator and every person he encounters, abandons him and leave him isolated from the rest of society. Desertion leads to the conflict because no one accepts and stand by the creature which in turn, fuels his need for revenge. Frankenstein lives to create this new, glorious discovery, however the very person he gives the creature life, leaves him companionless. The creature curses his creator and asks “why did [Frankenstein] form a monster so hideous that even [he] turn[s] from [the creature] in disgust” (130). In this situation, the parent abandons his son. The one person who is there to support and love one throughout all, leaves his creation due to the regret and revulsion he associates the creature with. Moreover, the creature stands alone with no understanding of where he comes from and where to go next. He is “absolutely ignorant [of his creation and creator], but [he] kn[o]ws that [he] possess[es] no money, no friends, no kind
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