Examples Of Animal Imagery In Miss Julie

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Miss Julie is a drama of paradoxes and reversals. It is a play by August Strindberg which is set on midsummer’s Eve. It is a play that touches on symbols through animal imagery. These references to animals as Miss Julie shows the idea that “human beings are the products of the forces surrounding them”. Strindberg adopted animals to parallel characters and convey ideas dramatically which would be otherwise be kind of inappropriate with explicit representation of mortals. The animal imagery in this play demonstrates how society looks down upon the people they feel are inferior to them. I believe that August has given the audience a deeper understanding of the forces acting on the characters in Miss Julie through the use of animal imagery. I am discussing the…show more content…
This suddenly reveals the characters to both Julie and Jean himself. Strindberg decides to use animals to match characters and convey the meaning behind everyone’s actions. He firstly uses “stable yard” to show a place Miss Julie and her ex-husband were at and thus brings about a horse in mind. Here we get to see Miss Julie putting his ex-husband in a horrible situation and treating him like a child. “Teach a dog to jump” [4] also shows how proud Miss Julie is and wants to show that class rules but Jean eventually shows that no matter what, whether rich or not men are superior to women when he takes control of the situation of Miss Julie and The bird. Even though Miss Julie wants to show that women too have a say in judgements, she is easily weakened by Jean “flirts” and cannot say any more. Strindberg uses Julie’s dog, Diana’ which seems to serve as an epitome of Julie’s fate or fortune. The dog get into an ‘’affair” with a pug of the lower standing, the “gatekeeper’s pug”. Using these antitheses foreshadows Julie and Jean where an aristocrat “Julie” escapes her social levels and has an affair with a commoner,
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