Examples Of Anti-Hero In Inception

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An anti-hero can be defined as a character with a pivotal role in a story and possess traits contrasted with those of a traditional hero. While the traditional heroic character is brave, strong, and seems to have no flaws, anti-hero character can be clumsy, unsolicited foolish, is often the embodiment of ineptitude or bad luck and is an amalgamation of both good and evil. An anti-heroic character in a story can display a wide variety of traits while still fitting in the anti-hero role. Earnes and Yusuf from the film "Inception" portrays an anti-hero persona in different ways, both characters are distinctively contrasting but yet similarly alike.

Eames is a character with many talents and is a suave, smoothly attracting people easily. He also shows his competitive spirit while gambling, however in other hand, he is also laid back. He is reliable with his specialty which is forging, but he is somewhat of a loner, choosing to work apart from the rest of the group for most of the missions which shows his lack of social skills and avoids to take responsibility. Eame's anti heroic characteristic can be assumed
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Furthermore, anti-heroic characters are the reflection of the audience. It is in nature for people to get scared when in danger, however heroic characters normally do not or easily overcome. The ethical conflicts and poltroonery in survival situation could be fury to the audience at first, but since it is real-life emotions it is instinct for normal people that the audience can relate. On the contrary, if the movie is only filled with heroic character that is overly righteous and upright, the audience will find it too good to be true and have trouble immersing into the film. This is what makes the anti heroic characters relatable and likable, they are easy to relate and connect more on a human
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