Examples Of Apple's Generic Strategy

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Apple company is one of the most successful company in electronic industry and is one of the most important valuable companies in the world .its sales and make value increased for the past ten years. Apple Company has used many different strategies to become successful in the market.” Apple strategy is a major determinant of advantage towards with other companies sues us Samsung, LG, and BlackBerry. It used Porter’s model strategy, this strategy is the key to fulfilling this generic strategy and supporting Apple’s success. Apple general strategy focuses on key features that differentiate the company and its products from competitors For example, it focus on elegant design combined user-friendliness and high-end branding. Apples generic…show more content…
To effectively apply this generic strategy, the company must continue emphasizing innovation through research and development. Apple must continually develop innovative products so that the firm always stands out against competitors. So the broad differentiation generic strategy compels Apple to always innovate to keep itself always ahead of competitors. Thus, continuous innovation is one of Apples strategic objectives based on the broad differentiation generic strategy. In addition, the company must ensure that it keeps expanding its market reach. In this generic strategy, Apple does not focus on any specific market segment. The firm competes in all market segments with other players in the industry. Thus, Apples other strategic objective based on thus generic strategy is to expand to ensure broad market reach. Such expansion and business growth are achieved through intensive strategies for growth. Which it include product development. Apple uses product development as its main intensive strategy for growth. Apple implements this intensive growth strategy through innovation in its research and development

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