Examples Of Archetypes In Harry Potter

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Klarra Lee
G9 English H
Paul Hughes
September 15, 2017

Harry Potter and its Archetypes
The word archetype, frequently used in literature, is defined as a typical character, an action or a situation that seems to represent such universal patterns of human nature ( There are three main types of archetypes, Symbolic archetype, Character archetype, and Situation archetype. Symbolic archetypes are archetypes such as the quest, the journey, the fall, etc. Also, examples of symbolic archetypes are Colors, numbers, shapes, etc. Lastly, character archetypes are the hero, mentors, friendly beast, etc. The effect of the situation archetype- the Quest and the Battle between good and evil- of the movie, Harry Potter, is that it makes the audience easier to understand the plot of the movie, and the purpose is that it helps the audience identify the characters and the situations in the movie.
The movie, Harry Potter, is about a boy, named Harry Potter who was born with the faith to kill the villain, Voldemort, who longed to live forever by eating others’ souls. The movie shows various kinds of
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Just like its definition, archetypes represent universal patterns of human nature. With archetypes, the audiences can easily detect what is happening in the story, because archetypes show the important factors of the movie. For example, by watching the Harry Potter series, the audience can easily catch the archetype of Battle between good and evil, and continue on with the story with the information that the movie is about the battle of Harry Potter and Voldemort. Also, by the character archetype of Mentors, the audience can expect that Dumbledore, the principal will help Harry in diverse ways. Like this, with archetypes, audiences can easily be aware of who is who, and what is going to happen along the
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