Examples Of Archetypes In Manchester By The Sea

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Manchester by the Sea directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan is a literal film full with sorrow and heaviness. This is a story telling about a depressed man asked to be his dead brother’s teenage son’s supervisor. A lot of audience are confused after watching the movie, because they can not fully understand it. People hold different comments and opinions among this movie. Using the unhealable wound, colors, and the initiates to explain the reason behind Lee Chandler’s refusal of being Patrick’s supervisor.
The first archetype explains the film’s metaphor is a situation archetype. The Unhealable Wound. Situation archetype refers to a physically or psychologically wound that can not be fully healed. In the movie, the unhealable wound perfectly annotates the main character -- Lee Chandler. “One day as usual, Lee Chandler gets the message that his brother Joe Chandler is in the hospital and if he does not come immediately he will never get a chance
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The Colors. This archetype is important to any kinds of book or films. Readers or audience can receive the messages or emotions that the authors want to convey through this symbolic archetype. For example, the book cover of Nineteen Eighty-Four is black, this makes the readers feel it is about depress and darkness, which the novel certainly is. In Manchester by the Sea, the color is blue. Blue usually represents sorrow, melancholy, and depress. An illustration of blue is the film poster’s background, which is a gloomy blue sky. In addition, another scene in the movie that indicates the color blue. “Under the same sky, Lee met his ex-wife, Randy. Randy already had her second marriage and gave birth to a baby. When they talked about past, Randy cried: ‘My heart was broken, and I know yours is broken, too.’”(Dir Lonergan). This sentence feels so sad, it gives a strong feeling of sorrow and depress. Therefore, color is a very important symbolic archetype to a
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