Examples Of Archetypes In The Odyssey

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Homer’s epic poem is one of the most prolific, intriguing adventure stories ever written. His exceptional use of archetypes adds anticipation and excitement throughout the entire poem. This story has a mix of adventure, suspense, love, and loss. All of these features are archetypes that are shown in Homer’s epic poem. Greek culture is a big part of the archetypes in this poem as well. The three archetypes that I chose are some of the most frequently seen archetypes in adventurous stories or poems. This epic poem was written approximately around 800 B.C. Additionally, the time period took place in 1230 B.C. ~ during the Trojan War. One archetype shown in The Odyssey is the hero archetype. For instance, when Odysseus and his men saw…show more content…
Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus had many tasks to complete during his journey back home from the Trojan War. One task that he had to accomplish was getting away from the Lotus-Eaters safely without losing any of his men. “All hands aboard; come, clear the bench and no one taste the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home.” This quote relates to the task archetype because Odysseus has to find a way to make his men seek home again, even after eating the dangerous Lotus. This is an example of Greek culture because it shows that the Greeks were gullible. Another task that Odysseus had to fulfill was escaping the Cyclops, which are gigantic monsters with only one eye in the middle of their face. Odysseus really had to step up his game to be able to escape these terrifying monsters, which was his task for this adventure. Eventually, he came up with a well-thought out plan and escaped the Cyclops! Both of these tasks were just small achievements along the way of the main task, actually getting home from Troy. After a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears, Odysseus finally returned home after fighting for ten years, and traveling back home for the other ten years.
The last archetype that I chose from Homer’s The Odyssey is the monster archetype. Throughout this story, Odysseus has come across many kinds of monsters, whether it’s a scary monster externally, or if it’s an evil monster internally, disguised as something less scary. The first monsters that Odysseus

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