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The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay

In the novel the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the observations of the character named Nick Carraway reflects upon the life of Jay Gatsby and his surroundings. The 20th century is masked by the glamour and parties. It displays a wondrous era full of wealth. Even though money is the key to this fantasy it is just that… a fantasy. The happiness and reality of life fails to complete on behalf of these rich people. Gatsby seems to have all the riches and fame, although these things cannot fulfil the happiness he desires of Daisy Buchanan.
The roaring twenties was a era that defines the word magnetism. It attracts people to this day because of the beauty and golden environment. Jay Gatsby symbolizes the thriving society of this era. He could acquire anything he desires at any moment needed. Although, once time passes the desires become a normality. The excitement of obtaining a new object or going to explore seize. Gatsby loses the happiness once felt and begins to feel the loneliness within his heart. Bliss and happiness reflects upon those receiving love of some sort. In this case, Gatsby lacks this precious gift. In acquiring Daisy, a long lost love, he believes his life will find its meaning.
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Carraway observes his odd behaviors and soon discovers of the sparkling love within these two. He watches the love of two forbidden souls thrive in each other's presence. The smile Gatsby holds stands out from any other time in the novel for the simple fact of it being genuine. The author assures the reader of the 20th century for the example of true happiness. All the amazing aspects override the novel in order to prove this point. Gatsby could be the richest man alive, but to look into his life such as Carraway did the reality would

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