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I chose to critique a painting that I saw when I went to the Fine Arts Center here in Tullahoma. The Fine Arts Center host many different exhibits in a year, but the recent one is The Watercolor Society’s one hundred forty ninth Traveling Exhibit. The Tullahoma Fine Arts center used to be the house of The Baillet Sisters. Supposedly the women still walk around, and open doors. On the upstairs wall there are two paintings of each of the sisters.
The painting is called “Guitar Hero” and it was created by W. Michael Bush, an artist that was born in Indiana, but resides in Bell Buckle. “Guitar Hero” is a painting that centralizes a musician and surrounds him with a crowd at his feet. It includes a combination of warm and cool colors mostly being
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It relates to me because I am definitely not creative enough to go where those amazingly creative people have gone. I do not have the talent to even be creative or musically talented. This piece symbolizes to me that musicians are adored and paid millions of dollars but it is too much. There are musicians and artists who never achieve that fame or fortune and they are the same. It also shows that music and art are one in the same. People are often put in a pedestal in both walks of life and they are using their creative talents to express their feelings and try and get others to enjoy their works, or just make it big and make tons of money. I think this work of art is valuable because there are so many levels to it. It is not just a painting. It really shows the separation between regular people and celebrities. It can be said though that this piece lacks use of principles of design. There a lot of abstract elements to this piece and it could have used more line to separate and clear the image up instead of leaving it jumbled. “Guitar Hero” by W. Michael Bush leaves a lasting impression in my head that cannot be done by any ordinary
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