Examples Of Atmosphere In Context Of Architecture

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2.2 Atmosphere in context of architecture:
Atmosphere is an immediate form of physical perception, and is recognized through emotional sensibility. It is the very initial and immediate experience of space. Architecture is not merely from it is all about how human perceive that space, how they experience a space, how it became part of their memory, how the space affect the human emotions and this is summed up in one word that is “ Atmosphere”.
2.2.1 Understanding Architectural atmosphere: is thus defined largely by variable contexts. To create architecture, in response to atmosphere, the building must situate itself within context, taking a position on the physical environment and intensifying how the inhabitant perceives and thus responds to that context. Hence, the question posed in the title of this chapter; Or more specifically;
Perception of Space (Physical +
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Elements described by Zumthor and Pallasma tells us how the senses can be addressed. Atmosphere is the sensorial quality of space and it can be achieved when we imagine oneself in the space to be designed(Zumthor P.2006). We need to realize how the user is going to experience the space and what would be the emotions evoked by the space and for that we need to know the intangible aspects associated with the architecture. The use of light, shadow, material, sound, space quality, scale need to be address first, form is secondary thing and it can be done at end.
The figure (5) shows the relation between human and architecture and how human perceive a space.

Through the literature review that experience in architecture is result of individual human perception and quality of spaces created by the architect. Experience is created when the space is designed for creating a sense of place keeping in mind the user requirements and how the user will perceive that space as depicted in the figure
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