Examples Of Aunty Ifeoma In Purple Hibiscus

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When one is surrounded by unhealthy relationships at a young age, one starts to believe that those unhealthy relationships are “normal” in the sense that every relationship is the same, until they are shown what a healthy relationship is. In the novel Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Aunty Ifeoma is the character that shows her niece and nephew what a healthy relationship can be. Aunty Ifeoma is an interesting character that impacts her family in many positive ways. Aunty Ifeoma has shown to be a very positive character who has a huge impact on her niece and nephew, Kambili and Jaja. Aunty Ifeoma is seen as a very firm character, who is not afraid to stand her ground and fight for what she believes to be right. In other words Aunty Ifeoma is unyielding. “Nna anyi,” Aunty Ifeoma said. “It was not the missionaries. Did I not go to the missionary school, too?” “But you are a woman. You do not count.” Sais Papa Nnukwu. “Eh so I don’t count? Has Eugene ever asked about your aching leg? If I do not count, then I will stop asking if you rose well in the morning.” (83) As one can gather from this passage, Aunty Ifeoma is indomitable and does not let people walk on her. This is a significant trait for one to have, not only does it teach others how to stick up for oneself, but it also teaches people how to respect another. Aunty Ifeoma is seen as a very laid back, caring mother and aunt. Nevertheless, Aunty Ifeoma’s brother, Eugene who is also known
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