Examples Of Bad Attitude

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This quote is parable of bad attitude people. The four birds here are duck, cock, peacock and crow. Those animal are not totally bad at all but rumi as writer of this book took the similarities of animal behaviour and bad characteristic of people. Our God has mentioned about bad characteristic that people have to avoid it in Holy book Al Qur’an. Those bad characteristic will damage a faith and the end will be broke itself and people life. Currrently, the life is full of busle, will and lust, those things are used to get happiness of life. This condition makes people forgetting about th meaning of life. As we know that the purpose of the life to worship to Allah. Bad characterisiic will make people far away from God.

Human beings have 2 side desire in their attention, one side tend to do good deeds and bad deeds. Doing band deeds is esier than doing good deeds. As entioned in Al Qur’an As Syam verse 8-10, a power to do good deeds will create good attitude because it is influenced by sould and pure intention while encouraging to do bad deeds is command of evil. From these two side, people will know what are the more dominant in the cahracteristic for every each person. If the lust is more dominant, the people will destroy in the world. And if the soul of religion is more dominant, it will create a value of right people or good deeds.
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The bad behaviour of the duck is greedy because if the owner of that duck feeds leftovers of meals, the duck will eat it. Nevertheless, if owner feeds the duck again, surely the food will be run out wihout anything left. It shows that the duck is a symbol of greed. As human being, this characteristic has be avoided by all of
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