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The beatification of Chris McCandless - Rhetorical Analysis Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer is a work of non-fiction intended to tell the story of a young man, Christopher McCandless, and his intriguing journey that brought him to abandon his past, cut ties from his family and desert his belongings to take to the wilderness of the Americas, leading to his eventual death. Krakauer's intention was to tell the ¨amazing” story of McCandless’ journey, albeit he, in truth, is attempting to immortalize and glorify a man who had more than a few questionable actions. Years after Mccandless’ death, many are starting to realize that this is not a man to be glorified, but instead an offspring of a very comfortable American family turned World class freeloader…show more content…
Medred uses these to help prove his point by providing accurate information regarding specific events which contradict the picture painted in Into the Wild. The most outstanding instance of this is when Medred picks apart a particular page where Krakauer insists that McCandless “...had always been ambivalent about killing animals”(Medred). Just previous to this, literally a paragraph before, Krakauer describes a scene of an ecstatic McCandless celebrating a fresh…show more content…
Medred implies that the root of McCandless’ glorification stems not only from Into the Wild but from the public’s interest in troubled and conflicted characters and their willingness to believe whatever they read. It is in fact quite ironic how a large majority of those infatuated with McCandless are very much disconnected from their natural surroundings as well as reality. Medred uses a crass tone in order to display this to the reader and goes beyond what would normally be considered acceptable in order to get his point across. The creation of Medreds article, based off of his personal realization of shortcomings and oversights in Krakauer's novel, is so significant for an intelligent reader that most will be completely stunned upon discerning that the character of Christopher McCandless is not who they originally believed. The stark contrast of the true journey of McCandless with the story bestowed upon the mainstream public is presented so wonderfully and suddenly that a reader just finishing Into the Wild might take into question not only the books legitimacy but also other instances where they took potentially misrepresented stories as axiom. The accurate story of McCandless presented by Medred is not shaded

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