Examples Of Being A Victim

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No one wants to be a victim of anything. But unfortunately, it occurs a lot more than we think it does. There are several ways of being a victim, and sometimes we don't even know it. Being a victim be strong and don't show fear, don't feed into the other person or people. Victim, what does it mean? When the word victim is heard some may think that someone is in danger or trouble. The victim may make people think someone has been treated badly. Sometimes people make a lie and make themselves sound like the victim when really, they are the cause of the victim or bad person. A victim can result from anything from a crime to health issues. Victims can be anywhere anytime any age in just about any place. Sadly, people can sometimes tell or see that…show more content…
Connie is victimized by harassment and threats. Connie lived a lifestyle where her home and family life was very neglecting. Her mother bashed her for wanting to be a normal teenager like the rest of her friends. When her mother wants her to be responsible like her older sister. Connie lives a miserable life while at home. She often hangs out with her friends at the mall and the small diner across the street. They sometimes seek over to meet boys. When Connie goes out she dresses and acts how she wants versus how her mother wants her to at home. Which leads to how she becomes a victim. One night at the diner with her friends she met a guy who she talked to. While a few days later she decided she wasn't going to go to a family cookout with her family. This is when things start to get interesting for Connie. Connie was home alone that afternoon doing her own thing when she heard a noise coming from outside. It happened to be the guy and his friend from the diner in their
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