Examples Of Biblical Allusion In The Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In Birmingham, Alabama before April of 1963 there was a lot of prejudice dividing the population. The whites had instilled a mindset they were better and of higher authority than the African Americans. Birmingham was one of the most segregated cities in the South, being the worst kind of city for an African American to live in. Martin Luther King Junior was asked to lead a march in Birmingham regarding the injustice. After the peaceful protest King and some of his fellow leaders of the march were arrested and placed in Birmingham jail. King was kept in an old, dirty jail cell that was in solitude. He received only little amounts of food. One day a newspaper was smuggled into King. In the margins King wrote his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in response to two letters written by fellow white clergymen of the surrounding area. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail is a timeless document that all students should read. A student should read the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” just because of how King using Biblical analogies and allusions so effectively. The most common way King uses Biblical references is by comparing the actions of characters in the Bible to his actions. By doing this he is using examples from the Bible to support his behavior. King does this wonderfully on page 90 of his book, “ Why We Can’t Wait” when referring to Socrates conduct and his own conduct. Furthermore, he uses examples from the Bible and from early American history to support his
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