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Every individual has their own personal worldview despite their race, religion, sex and age. One’s worldview is that particular person’s own perception and how that person shapes their beliefs concerning the world around them. The framework of one’s worldview is what personally defines that person’s reality. One’s worldview is important because one’s perceptions and principles dictate one’s actions. A biblical worldview are values, perspectives and principles that are biblically based. Values, principles and perspectives shape and mold how decisions are made in one’s life. Having a biblical worldview helps to govern one’s lifestyle to be a reflection of God. Those who have a biblical worldview have the belief that humans were put on earth to be the image of God, therefore we should shape our behaviors to be like Him. A biblical worldview can only be established by the investigation of information provided by the Bible to determine truth and principles that ultimately shapes one’s conduct. The purpose of education is to guide humans into their purpose in life. The Christian philosophy of education helps create a platform for biblical truth and principles to be investigated for the purpose of transmitting
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The Bible can be interpreted in a literal form ( i.e. direct instruction) or figurative form (i.e. poetical language). How one interprets the bible either by direct instruction or poetic language depends on how they were taught (Graham, 2009). There are two different categories professed and controlling beliefs in which a person operates within. A professed belief is generated by a formal verbal instruction which usually results in one’s behaviors not fully match with their beliefs. A controlling belief is generated by experiences that most often lead to one’s behaviors closely matching their beliefs because of what they perceive as truth (Graham,

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