Examples Of Biopolitics In A Dystopia

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Humn4001 Final Paper 16204123 Wong Ho Yee 26 Nov, 2017 If this is our future: Biopolitics in a dystopia city The story happen in the near future, because of environment pollution and sexually transmitted infections, human fertility rates collapse. There is a new country called “Gilead”, the whole country are in androcentrism and totalitarianism. They developed a new law system according to their analysis to Bible. Women are cruelly subjugated. Under the law, women are not allowed to work, read, handle money and own any property. Women are divided into five classes, their classes define their duties and freedom. Aunts, who are the teachers of Handmaid. Martha, who are the cooks and housekeepers in the commander’s house. Wiver, who are the commander’s wife. Unwomen, who…show more content…
The control of population using Handmaid is one of the example. Everyone lost their sovereignty power to their own body, their life were controlled by the top ruler who are invisible and in every corner in the…show more content…
We may think that our society is well developed, and hard to break down like what happen in the story. The true is, even though the Handmaid’s Tale may not happen. The world may still walking to a dystopia future. According to the Global Risk 2012, we are now growing a seeds of dystopia. This is the first time the world is expecting to face problem of dystopia. The research result think that the next generation will not enjoy a better environment than the previous generation. Which means that our parent’s generation have a better economics environment and living standards. And what our next generation is facing will only be worser. Reason of this kind of setback is related to the fail of managing ageing populations, youth unemployment, rising in income inequalities and fiscal imbalances. These issue could lead to expected greater social unrest and instability in the future
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