Examples Of Brainwashing In Brave New World

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Brainwashing in the New World The dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley holds various different motifs all throughout its works. The motifs used in this novel appear in the real world also and are very important topics discussed in politics and when dealing with the government. The civilization that has been created in this society is controlled through a brainwashing method done to all human clones living in their “world”. The government in this “Brave New World” have completely taken control of their people leaving them under their command and every control. The controllers have substituted a drug called “Soma” that leaves the people feeling complete happiness which then leads them to forget all their problems and worries putting the humans in a trance. When a problem begins to arise amongst people “Soma” is always the answer one stated, “Why you don’t take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours. You’d forget all about them. And instead of feeling miserable, you’d be jolly. So jolly,” (Huxley 92). By giving the humans in this society a drug that washes away all their pains and worries it also causes them to lose all of their feelings in which a normal human would inhibit. Losing and not having feelings due to a drug given by the government to the people is a way of brainwashing their people because the humans no longer have the control over their bodies that they once did. Bromige describes the corruption in feelings and choices describing,

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