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Business Analysis for Telefónica

Every day the economies and companies grow with greater speed and more facilities in the markets. One of the main concerns and problems is that this growth is not being done in a transparent, integral or sustainable way, which is bringing the planet and the society to their limits or what the International Institute for Sustainable Development has called the crisis of responsibility or lack thereof (IISD, 2009). Indeed, environmental, economic and social problems are growing hastily on a planet with 7 billion inhabitants, where almost 1 billion go to bed every night hungry, 2.7 billion live on less than $ 2 a day, there's 394 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A place where a wealthy minority group has the most conformable life on the top of the problem (Dietz, O'Neill, O'Neill, & Daly, 2012).
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Instead, it is important to examine the possible routes, mechanism, and solutions to guide businesses to integrate its economic growth, managerial responsibilities, social and environmental negative impacts in an integrated framework of responsive liability, avoiding decisions lightly. Moreover, it's necessary to go through the real company intentions and reasons to structured corporate social responsibility (CSR) as companies value because it is growing the number of businesses that use this initiative as a strategy to alleviate pressures or avoiding governmental regulations or stakeholders demands (Küpers,
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