Examples Of Cannibalism In The Bloody Chamber

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2. Feminist Criticism and Angela Carter
In order to better understand the scope of this theses, this chapter introduces the literary criticism that is used to explain the position of women in a short story collection The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter through the notion of cannibalism. In her short story collection, Carter deals with issues that concern feminism as the movement, and women as the part of the society. In order to understand Angela Carters’ short story collection and the way women are represented and treated in The Bloody Chamber, this thesis uses feminist literary criticism that is explained in the following paragraphs. According to Louis Tyson feminist criticism “examines the ways in which literature (and other cultural
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She is not afraid of telling her audience that women are not fairy tale princesses and that life does not have a happy ending. She is one of the most appreciated British female writers, well known for her eccentric writing. She explores themes of incest, sexuality, and femininity in her novels and short stories. Some of her well-known works other than The Bloody Chamber include Shadow Dance (1966), The Magic Toyshop (1967), The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman (1972), and many others (Gordon, 2016). Angela Carters’ writings are a magical twist on fairy tales, novels, and non-fiction works. She tries to give her readers the possibility to become explorers and find a solution to the problem, or simply come to the conclusion themselves rather than being led by the author. Carter enjoys playing games with her readers and she admits that in an interview with Anna Katsavos where she stated that she is playing games with readers constantly: “I was reading “The Company of Wolves” the other day, and there are a whole lot of verbal games in that that I really enjoy doing, ‘the deer departed’ for example (A Conversation with Angela Carter).” Her writing is extraordinary and rereading her novels or short stories is another experience for a reader because of wordplay and different images she uses so that the reader can always apprehend something

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