Examples Of Cartesian Rationalism

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Cartesian rationalism was founded by Rene Descartes who was a philosopher born 1596-1650. He is a metaphysical realist. The Cartesian rationalism deals with skepticism, methodic doubt and methodological skepticism. “Rationalism is the idea that real knowledge can only be known through reason.” (Frame, 2014) Descartes believes that the mind is independent of the body. The mind just like the soul lives on as the body perishes. He also believed that the only way knowledge is reliable is by understanding reason through the mind. Are senses unreliable? Descartes questions if the things we see might be an illusion such as water in a desert.
An example of this is the beeswax that Descartes tested. He wanted to test if his senses could be relied upon
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His work was mostly dealt with human knowledge through natural sciences. The Cartesian method he came up with was characterized by four precepts. The first precept is if there is any doubt, don’t accept it as true. The second precept is, divide and conquer ideas or beliefs if uncertain about anything and break it down into parts. Third precepts consist of examining beliefs step by step and for the fourth precept; you review all beliefs for clarity and consider all counterexamples. Descartes had questioned all of his beliefs and doubts and only believed if there was no doubt in anything.
The mind/body problem is known as Dualism. It is an investigation of the relationship between the mind and body. The mind deals with mental processes, thoughts and consciousness of the brain. The body deals with physical aspects of the brain-neurons and determines the structure of the brain. In contrast is the mind considered part of the body or the body part of the mind? What is the interaction between the two and how is it possible? The one big question many people want to know is which one is in control of the
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He did the exact thing Descartes did, solved one problem and created another problem. He believed the mind-body problem could be solved by thinking and extension. These would be considered characteristics of God. To back up his idea he came up with a solution. “If God is a single substance with two attributes—thinking and extension—then the characteristics associated with being a thinking substance and those of being an extended substance are not separate and distinct, as they were for Descartes.” (Mitchell, 2015) As our minds and body are interrelated Spinoza viewed them as the same. In his consideration the body is an aspect of the mind as well as the mind is the idea of the
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