Examples Of Caylin Schneider: On My Way To Practice

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Caylin Schneider On my Way to Practice We ran into the locker room with our backpacks and began to change. I threw off my clothes and put on a jenison football t shirt and my black softball pants and green softball socks. We had to hurry because we got out of class late. The other day Coach Cole said “You better not be late to practice or we’ll run suicides. We did awful at our game and we have skill work we need to improve on today.” None of us liked running so we were trying to be speedy but we knew we were pressed for time. As soon as we got dressed we got our softball bags are raced down the hallway and sprinted to the parking lot. When we got there Sadie exclaimed “WHERE DID I PARK MY CAR” the one day we are pressed for time she doesn't
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