Examples Of Character Archetypes In The Novel 'The Safest Lies'

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In the novel The Safest Lies, Kelsey has grown up terrified of the wicked and harmful outside world. Her anxiety is comes from her mother, Mandy, who was kidnapped at the age of seventeen. After not stepping outside of their home since her miraculous escape, Mandy goes missing again one night. With fear being her biggest weakness, Kelsey has to uncover the truth about the dark past in order to find her mother. When writing literature, authors commonly form story elements that follow a particular archetype. An archetype can be any type of character, theme, symbol, situation, or setting that tends to reappear in various genres of writing. Specifically, character archetypes are general models that exhibit the typical emotional patterns and…show more content…
(add more explanation) Furthermore, as a result of her ability to be extremely observant, the reader can consider Kelsey as an investigator. For example, on pages 103-104, Kelsey claims, “I pressed my thumb to the keypad, but nothing happened. Maybe they were shaking with adrenaline. I tried again, first wiping my hands on the side of my pants. Again, nothing happened. No click. Something soured in my stomach, in my mouth- and my hands started shaking again, for a very different reason.” She then continues, “I felt the wrongness through every pore of my body. I pushed the gate, and it opened on its own, and my heart plummeted into my stomach. The system was off, and the gate was unlocked. ‘Something’s wrong,’ I said.” This key point indicates that Kelsey is very watchful, and pays close attention to details. Prior to searching the house, Kelsey’s instinct told her that her mother was in serious danger. Someone with observant qualities, such as Kelsey, can conclude that something is not right, even from the slightest change in their surroundings. Her ability to recognize the situation as soon as she approached the gate is one factor that might’ve allowed her to reunite with her mom. Kelsey took instant action after only noting a few alterations, verifying that she can be labeled as an investigator. (add more explanation) Lastly, it can be proven that Kelsey was developed based on the character archetype of an investigator

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