Examples Of Christianity In Frankenstein's Monster

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Benevolence, charity and justice are values that come to my mind when I think about Christianity but I normally do not think about them when I am describing a monster which is for me stereotypical a horrible, brutal and wretched creature. But how can Frankenstein’s Monster, which he creates in the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in the year 1818, still be a Christian monster? By connecting some of the Monster’s qualities with typical Christian qualities, I will argue that this Monster embodies a plurality of Christian qualities, although they do not prevent him from his brutal revenge. Frankenstein’s Monster knows a lot about Christianity because it reads Paradise Lost by Milton which records the events of Genesis. Here the creature “learned a lesson about man’s place in the order of things”, as Robert M. Ryan argues (152). After this lecture, Frankenstein’s Monster knows that there is a creator, a God who cares about his creatures’ wellness with benevolence and love. The knowledge of the existence of a God and of Christianity alone does not automatically make the creature a Christian, but it is the basis for him adopting the Christian ideology. The next step on the Creature’s way to Christianity is to transfer its …show more content…

This is shown in the “practical charity demonstrated in the Monster’s humble, anonymous services to the DeLacey family” (Ryan 152). Charity is the most important Christian value as we see in the Bible. Here Jesus answered to the question which would be the most important commandment, that you should love your next like you love yourself (1133). And so, by collecting wood for his needy, beloved friends (Shelley 77) or clearing the snow in the night (Shelley 79), Frankenstein’s Monster performs one of the most basic, but also most important Christian values, probably even without knowing

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