Examples Of Circadian Rhythm

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Theoretical Framework: Circadian Rhythm – a cycle that tells the body when to rise, sleep, eat which regulates many physiological processes. The internal body clock is affected by cues. Like sunrise and temperature. According to Professor Russell Foster, an Oxford University Neurologist said that student would gain more if their class start in the afternoon. Forcing a student who arrives in the morning could be a result of poor memory and stress. He also added that teenager's body clocks between two hours and four hours can be delayed and doesn't function until 10 am or late as noon time. Numerous American and German schools that scheduled their class in the afternoon shows the improvement and success in their performance. It also shows reduced the rate of depression. Some schools are force students to function in the day time and many students of universities are prone to a danger of sleep deprivation. Also, it shows that…show more content…
What you fill it with, in any case, is dependent upon you. Imagine, if you have an empty pickle jar and you fill it with golf balls. The result is you can't able to squeeze it but it will leave some gaps. Then you drop the marbles to fill the gaps. Next, you will pour some sand to cover smaller spaces. Lastly, you will pour it with water until the jar appears to be completely full then screw the lid on. The explanation behind this is the jar represents the time. The golf balls are the goals, roles, and commitments that are important to us and matters the most. People, projects or problems. The marbles are matters too, but not as much. These are the things that you want to do but it is not mandatory to do it. The sands portray the task that consumes a small amount of time and easy to do. But, these tasks are unimportant, irrelevant or inappropriate. The water shows the anything that takes time but doesn’t really add anything. Also, defines as a poor use of our
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