Examples Of Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning And Observational Learning

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Learning is defined as a relatively enduring change in behavior or thinking that results from our experiences (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, 2016, p.174). In this paper I will be describing classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning associated with personal dealings in my life. I will use my mom as an example in these three areas. My mother, Christy, is currently forty-one and has been smoking for over twenty years. She began smoking in high school due to peer pressure. My first learning objective that I will discuss is classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is all around us and a part of everyday life. People are not aware that this occurs on a daily basis. Classical conditioning can happen in public, at home or anywhere. It is a way of learning that happens when two things are presented together and becomes associated with each other. For example, smoking after eating. This type of conditioning is even used when making commercials and advertising of products, for example a perfume commercial may use the attraction of a relationship. To go into detail, the unconditioned stimulus in this case would be the cigarette, in which the nicotine stimulates the body to produce adrenaline, this causes the heart to beat faster and causing the smoker’s blood pressure to rise leaving a jittery response which is the unconditioned response. My mother gets an urge to smoke while she is driving, after she eats, or simply by looking at a cigarette pack also
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