Examples Of Clinical Reasoning

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CURRENT RELATED RESEARCH (CLINICAL REASONING) The term clinical reasoning is a term used interchangeably with critical thinking, clinical judgement, decision making and problem solving. However, in nursing education there has been a shift away from the use of the word critical thinking to the word clinical reasoning to describe the way nurses think in clinical situations. Clinical reasoning denotes attention on patient care situation and exposing the nature of patient problems (Benner et al., 2010). Another research by Pesut and Herman (1998) described clinical reasoning as thinking that is reflective creative, critical and concurrent. Victor-Chmil, (2013) opined that clinical reasoning is behind every judgement and intervention taken by nurses. It is a vital competence that…show more content…
All these include caring behaviours, without which cannot render nursing services. Any other attitude outside of caring is like punishing the patient and will make the patient feel that I am wicked and mean harm instead of good. Therefore, the concept of caring is the essence of nursing. An example of a caring situation – Mrs. B is a breast cancer patient who is terminally ill while doing for her, she told me she needed to transfer some money to her daughter studying in the UK and wanted me to help. I did the transfer and discussed about writing her WILL and opening accounts for her 3 kids to enable her transfer enough money for their school
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