Examples Of Closed-Mindedness In The Water Is Wide

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The novel, “The Water is Wide”, by Pat Conroy, tells a story about a man who seeks to do the right thing for his students and is stopped at every turn by the closed-mindedness of the very people he’s trying to help. The people who live on the island of Yamacraw exist within their own personal bubble, and this bubble provides comfort and community to all those within it, but it is all a lie. Throughout the novel, we are shown the results of being closed-minded upon the people who are ensnared by its grasp, and they clearly show how the illusion of safety and happiness that being closed-minded provides is one of the greatest betrayals in all of human history.
There are two major examples of how closed-mindedness is harmful to people In the beginning of the novel, and the first of which would have to be the author’s childhood because, as a child, Conroy was an innocent racist who indulged in the torment of the black children who live near him. He is never taught that such acts are wrong and would surely have grown up to become another racist, southern stereotype if it weren’t for one thing: college. College, and more importantly, the people he meets there, is what sets him on the path he takes for the rest of his life because it is there that his mind is opened to new ways of thinking that he never would have otherwise experienced through his interaction with others from outside his cultural bubble. In this fresh environment, his newfound slew of friends manage to make him see
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