Examples Of Code Of Ethics In Education

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/The Code of Ethics in Education In a professional field of education there are requirements and commitments, which educators should oblige. Therefore this is where the code of ethics in education comes into place. The Code of Ethics in Education is a guideline set for educators to follow as part of their professional development. All educators should enforce the Code of Ethics in Education.
What do you believe to be characteristics of a profession? The characteristics of a profession should be kept professional, have integrity, and virtue. In the work place being professional is important because we as teachers fraternize ourselves with others. We should be able to draw a boundary between work and personal affairs, which could cause distress
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They do not take the code of ethics in to account. For example, In American Samoa some administers in the educational profession have been known to portray favoritism, unprofessionalism in the schools they over see. How can they expect teachers to honor the code of ethics if they do not practice what they preach? There are also majorities of teachers, which are no better, then the administrators, they practice Corporal punishment, and Attendance is a joke to others not knowing the negative consequences of how it affects their students. Some are still floating in the survival stages of their professional career because they just consider the teaching profession as a easy way to make a quick buck but their is no desire, passion, interest or love for the student to push them to learn effectively in the classroom. The Ministry of Education, Guyana (n.d) states" A professional code of ethics outlines teachers' main responsibilities to their students and defines their role in students' lives". We as educators to look at the teaching profession as a calling and do the best we can for our students as well as educators in the teaching
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