Examples Of Cognitive Reading Theory

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Cognitive reading theory
When you read, you may think you are decoding a message that a writer has encoded into a text. Error in reading comprehension, in this model, would occur if you as a reader were not decoding the message correctly, or if the writer was not encoding the message accurately or clearly. The writer, however, would have the responsibility of getting the message into the text, and the reader would assume a passive role.
According to this view:
1. Reading has a Model
2. Reading is an Active, Constructive, and Meaning-Making Process
3. Reading is Multi-Level
4. Reading is Hypothesis Based
5. Reading is strategic

a. Reading has a model
Let’s look at a more recent and widely accepted model of reading that is based on cognitive psychology and schema
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Often the basic setting is real, but the characters are fictional.

• Folk Tales, Tall Tales, and Fairy Tales
Folk tales are stories with no known creator. They were originally passed down from one generation to another by word of mouth. The authors on folk tale books today are retelling these stories. Although, folk tales are sometimes based on real historical figures, there are fictional elements to the story. Tall tales are generally folk tales in which the main character is bigger than life in some way

Examples would be Paul Bunyan, Mike Fink, Swamp Angel, etc. Fairy tales were often created to teach children behaviour in an entertaining way. Folk tales, tall tales, and fairy tales are found in most libraries in the non-fiction section with a Dewey decimal classification of 398. Some libraries place picture book versions of folk tales in the easy book section.

• Myths
Myths are stories that usually explain something about the world and involve gods and other supernatural beings. Although, myths are fictional stories, in most libraries they are found in the non-fiction section of the library in the
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