Examples Of Colonialism In An Outpost Of Progress

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The Way Colonialism Worked in “An Outpost of Progress” and “After the Race” “An Outpost of Progress” was written by Joseph Conrad, and “After the Race” is one short story of James Joyce’s Dubliners. The two short stories in different visions tell the short stories about how colonialism worked, but the writers all choose representative characters to let people have a preliminary understanding about the way colonialism worked and to reflect the way colonialism worked during that period. Colonialism means that the policy and practice of a power of extending control over weaker peoples or areas (Thornton 335). Through the analysis of the characters and characterization as well as the plot in “An Outpost of Progress” and “After the Race”, there…show more content…
In “An Outpost of Progress”, Makola uses black slaves to exchange six splendid tusks, which became a turning point of the whole story because this thing becomes Kayerts and Carlier’s downfall. Therefore, a word “slave-dealer” leads them to kill each other. Kayerts believes that “one death could not possibly make any difference; couldn't have any importance”. Joseph Conrad expresses to readers that the colonialism worked is merciless. The way that colonialism worked is through robbery and violence. Similarly, in “After the Race”, the hero Jimmy wants to invest in the motor business with his European “friends”: “it was by a favor of friendship the mite of Irish money was to be included in the capital of the concern. Jimmy had a respect for his father's shrewdness in business matters and in this case it had been his father who had first suggested the investment; money to be made in the motor business, pots of money.” At the same time, his hypocritical “friends” help Jimmy to “calculate his I. O. U.’s for him”. Jimmy apparently gets the same position with his “friends”, which means they can gamble on the same table. However, in the end, Jimmy becomes the heaviest loser. This tells people colonialism worked using the economic interests to attract people to work for it, but the business opportunities and economic interests are just a fraud. In the end, the way colonialism worked not only does not give you economic interest, but also will cheat all your
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