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This essay will be about how to get out of your comfort zone, this a very common thing and many teenagers go through this. The easiest explanation of what comfort zone is that relates it to anxiety or uneasiness levels. Your safe place or comfort zone is anything that keeps you at a relentlessly low anxiety or uneasiness level. Imagine something you do constantly, such as cooking food or driving to work, or even watching TV. Regular exercises that you're utilized to do on a daily basis won't make you feel very anxious and uneasy, so they are like a bit of your safe place. Despite the fact that many people frequently refer to ‘getting outside your safe place’ as going out and attempting new things that you have never done before, basically anything…show more content…
Breaking out of your comfort zone will help you achieve a lot of things beyond your wildest dreams. It helps grow and you will be brave enough to try more things in life without making excuses to get away from it. Your comfort zone will grow, your anxiety level will be low and won’t miss out on a lot of exciting things life will offer you. You will gradually get more and more comfortable with new things. You will become more productive because you are more comfortable and being too comfortable kill’s productivity, we tend loose ambition and learn new things. Sometimes we fall into something called the “work trap”, this is where we often try to be busy with work to avoid doing new things. Dealing with changes that you don’t expect becomes easier and you won’t get anxious when your working hours change or your flight delays. A lot of opportunities arise from all the new things you try and all the new people you meet, it can very beneficial. To be successful you need to pursue it, you have to go out and take risks and these can only happen when you are out of your comfort zone. Playing it safe won’t ever help, it’s never a safe bet. You need change in your life, you cannot just stay in your comfort zone and hope things will get better or that new opportunities will open up. Risk will pay off, even when you fail it does because you gain knowledge and know what to do next time. You will be much active, productive, happier and lead to much fulfilled

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