Examples Of Coming Of Age Rituals In The Bronze Age

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Coming of Age Rituals from Bronze Age to Present (I) “Greek culture was forged in the crucible of the Bronze Age civilization” which has heavily influenced millennia of cultures to follow (Pomeroy, Sarah B, and Rogers D. Spotswood Collection xiii). The height of the Bronze Age is defined by an exquisite amount of creative and youthful energy, beginning around the year of 1600 BC. Prominent rituals from these cultures and era are apparent through archeological findings and are even visible today via popular traditions and spiritual practices demonstrated in our contemporary society. A specific category of rituals, coming of age rituals, which are defined as “the attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition, or maturity”, were fundamental in the Bronze Age and were so pivotal to their society that they continue to exist today through different forms (Merriam-Webster). Contemporary Western ceremonies for transitional periods are influenced by Spartan and Mycenaean Bronze Age coming of age rituals. (II) The influential Spartan and Mycenaean Bronze Age civilizations were technologically advanced for their time, however, they still employed segregated rituals for the two different sexes. Males and females spent a significant portion of their lives separate from each other until they reached the day of marriage. The rituals were specifically used to mark differing poignant moments in the lives of maturing adolescents. While female coming of age rituals glorified the

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