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Question 2: examples of companies marketing activities adapted to fit different countries/ analyse/ no individual country specific
When going global, and in order to succeed in international business, understanding consumer behaviours based on their values and perception of other countries is key for implementing a proper winning marketing strategy. Cultural dimensions help managers and multinational companies respond effectively and positively to values and behaviours that shape a given nation and that might be completely different from the way an organization is accustomed to behave in its country of provenance. McDonalds represents a suitable model of multinational companies that succeeded in translating cultural differences into their products, marketing efforts and practices. In Morocco, McDonalds serves “Halal” options that go in line with the predominant Muslim community, whereas in France you can order wine with your meal, and in a different context, the company banned beef products in India because of the taboo around it and introduced vegetarian alternatives that suit the populations’ preferences and tastes.
In this section, we will shade the light on how cross-cultural theories supported McDonalds in getting to its leading position. In fact, McDonalds did not enjoy its current position when it first started going international. In the 1990s, the organization has been criticised for its modern-days US imperialism and was pushed away by many countries because of
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