Examples Of Conflicting Views Of Truth

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Three Conflicting Views of Truth
In present day civilizations, societal conflicts seem to be on the rise, more than ever before. It seems as if everyone has an individualized philosophy. There are people that merely wish to maintain cultural peace; pursuing the tolerance of conflicting perspectives. This variance makes me wonder, is there undoubtedly one dogma of truth that all humanity should be able to conform to? Should everyone have the right to substantiate their personalized interpretation of cultural truth? Will the liberality of this diversification generate cordial acceptance, or will it solely effectuate cultural chaos? There are three recognizable conflicting views of truth represented by our society; absolutism, societal relativism,
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A relativist believes that truth does not pose the same universal definition for all persons, places, and times; this truth is every changing. As a culture we are constantly and consistently evolving. People are adopting new principles and accepting new norms every single day. Does this mean that new versions of truth are to be espoused to project the adaptation of our culture? An individual relativist would say that it is your right to decide. They believe that individuals should decide for themselves what is moral and immoral. What one person says is right, the other may argue is wrong, and vice versa. All beings are created equal and no one has any right to judge or look down upon the other. Their version of truth is constructed by a man’s idea, it is different for every person, and it is unknowable and changes frequently. There are issues to this revelation, as you could conclude. On a relative note, there is the current conflict of homosexuality and its legalization. Recently, our nation has adopted the principle that homosexuals are legally allowed to marry in any state. This decision was made by our Supreme Court, but that does not mean that every individual agrees with the ruling. In fact, most of our nation disagrees with it. Before the Supreme Court ruling, only 11 out of our 50 states passed the law by legislative or voter action, without judicial interference.…show more content…
Absolutism does exist, and it is living in the Word of God. There is also endless proof that our culture is advancing every day, and with that, humanities views on morality are constantly being modified. The battle between good versus evil is present throughout every decision we make, and there will always be a remnant absolute truth that lies behind it all. If relativism were true, there would be no justice, fairness, accountability, good or evil, right or wrong, praise, blame, tolerance, or meaningful moral conversations. Relativism is anarchy, and without authority or laws, our world would be complete and utter

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