Examples Of Conformism In The Stranger

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TOPIC #2 THE STRANGER LAP AP Literature Nancy Guevara PERIOD 1 Wolves roam around nature indifferent from its surroundings until a full moon rises above and manipulates it. Triggered by the full moon the wolf lets out its inner beast and howls. Humans are triggered by many things in nature, like the wolf who is manipulated by the full moon most humans are manipulated by the bright suns. The sun in the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus is an advisory for the indifference of the protagonist Meursault. The indifference of Meursault was devastating to the structure of societal conformity making it a habit of ostracizing him throughout the novel and only when the sun rises the truth is revealed. Since the beginning of the novel it was evident that Meursault was uncertain about the world he lives in, his attitude showed that he was detached from the world that he didn't even know when his mother died. "Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don't know." (Camus 3). However, when exposed to the sun, Meursault grew more irritated and indifferent than he already was. It was obvious that Meursault had trouble with adjusting to the heat and bright lights. As the sun and the heat grew stronger and more overpowering, it became more manipulative. "But today with the sun bearing down, making the whole landscape shimmer with heat, it was inhuman and oppressive. (Camus 15). Meursault was walking in the sun when going to bury his mother. All the heat and all the light-bearing off the
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