Examples Of Conformity In The Dead Poets Society

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The Dead Poets Society a movie and a Novel set in 1959 at an Elite conservative Vermont boys boarding school known as Welton Academy. The school runs on four pillars including excellence, honor, tradition, and discipline and both teachers and student are expected to follow these four pillars in addition to other school rules. Mr.John Keating, a new teacher and a former student of Weston Academy opposes the school regulations in order to support his beliefs. He believes that the purpose of school and education is not to teach individuals how to work on a schedule or follow routines but to think for themselves, which explains why his students were very motivated and inspired not only to reopen the dead poet society but also to break school rules and traditions. The dead poet society is a club unknown to the administration and founded by former students of Welton Academy including Mr. Keating. Current members of the dead poet society include Neil, Knox, Charlie, Meeks, Cameron, Pitts, who had known each other for quite a few years, and Todd who was a new student at Weston Academy and a new member of the Dead Poet…show more content…
In most cases, people conform to societal norms without being aware of what they are doing. The education system in the movie “The Dead Poet Society” is an example of conformity but, Charlie Dalton is an exception of this system mostly because he takes every chance possible to rebel against what he does not like and does not care about his position or reputation at Welton. For instance, when the new English teacher is First introduced to the class, he does not seem to have any problems with his teaching methods, unlike other students. Charlie Dalton’s character is non conforming to any rule, no matter the consequences and seems to make his own way as he
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