Examples Of Consumer Fanaticism In Apple

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Consumer Fanaticism: Extraordinary Devotion for Brand Apple
Akanksha Srivastava, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

This paper is an attempt to study Brand Apple and the extraordinary devotion and brand loyalty portrayed and practiced by the Apple Tribe – consumers of the brand that purchase, obsess, follow and identify with the brand wholeheartedly. Reported as one of the most participatory brands, Apple is carried forth into the future with extreme dedication so much so that it’s brand success remains unprecedentedly high and blooming, making it a brand success story to remember. This paper is an attempt to bring light to not the brand itself so much as the tribe - the brand loyalty bandwagon and what drives consumers to swear allegiance to a tech company, in the digital era where no one can predict the source for the next game changing technological innovation. …show more content…

The ‘object’ is stated as an object of fascination, which can include a brand, product, person (e.g. celebrity), television show, or other consumption activities (e.g. sports). Fanatics are inclined to insist their ideas are the correct ones, ignoring any facts or arguments that may conflict with their thoughts or beliefs. Brand fanatics often refuse to believe or even consider facts or arguments conflicting with their worship of brand, regardless of how strong or true the source of the information maybe, classifying them as biased and certainly unreasonable at most instances. Their enthusiasm is so extreme it is sometimes considered excessive. Examples of fanaticism to a brand, product, or activity can be found in seminal studies of extremely loyal, brand-worshipping consumers, such as core participants of brand communities, brand cults, and various subcultures of

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