Examples Of Corruption In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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There are polar opposites between honourable and corrupt. When I hear the word honourable, I think of respect. I think of a person that everyone looks up with pride, joy, and trust. Yet, when I hear the word corrupt, I think of the backstabbing, rotting of a person, that reeks of the word distrust. In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, there are characters that fit the personality of both. In my own opinion, I believe that the character Mark Antony is the most honourable while as the character Cassius is most corrupt. Underdogs have an important part in the making a play or the making of a Hollywood movie. They provide the excitement, along with the slight doubt, wondering if they can fulfill their ultimate goal. Stereotypically, the…show more content…
One of the main reasons why I feel so derogatory towards Cassius is because he used his spiteful ways to control his entire conspiracy, along with Brutus. Human society cannot and will not run properly if lies and trickery continue to clog the ways of friendship and fair trades.To possess great people skills is a good thing, unless you are using it for selfish and unwanted desires. Secondly, if you feel the need to create a diabolical plan, you must obtain more than a few reasons to disturb the peace among people. When Cassius formed a conspiracy, he failed to have proper reasoning to why he “had” to kill Julius Caesar. Caesar was a stern, know-it-all leader, yet he still had a heart. Possibly Cassius was one without a heart to call his own. My final reason is that he showed no emotion as he stayed on the same track to darkness. He continuously felt the need to be selfish to each of the conspirators along with the people closest to him. These certain ways lead to his ultimate demise. There a concrete, black line between an underdog and a manipulator. I believe that the most triumphant, intelligent, and heroic character would have to be Mark Antony. I would much rather choose someone who is a word wiz rather than a liar. Even though Antony formed an alliance with Octavius to defeat the conspirators, they had good reasoning behind it, unlike Cassius’ selfish and wrong doings. Even if Caesar was
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