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Criminality In A Nutshell Although the Doctors only cover the issue of criminal thinking errors in The Criminal Personality, it is our experience that thinking errors are but one of three overarching traits that define the criminal. In our view, all criminals share—to a greater or lesser degree—three fundamental traits:  They have a poor value system—to the extent, that is, that a random set of unconsciously adopted values can be considered a “system.”  They consistently commit errors in thinking.  They have an unstable, unrealistic self-concept. We believe that the confluence of these traits culminates in the chronic irresponsibility and rights violating behavior that defines the criminal personality. Perhaps it can be argued that all of these traits are implicit in what the Doctors said about the composition of the criminal personality. We wouldn’t entirely disagree. However, we would submit that, with the exception of the thinking errors which they identified, the Doctors did not think about these traits in the sense we do. As an example, the Doctors repeatedly state that theirs is not a program for building the criminal’s self-esteem, as the criminal already thinks quite highly of himself. We would argue that one cannot possess healthy self-esteem and be vulnerable to the sorts of extreme fluctuations in self-appraisal the Doctors…show more content…
Not that it is ours, to be sure; but we have conducted a bit of research on this topic. And although the specifics are beyond the scope of this book, it bears mentioning that we rely on the theory of self-esteem developed by Dr. Nathaniel Branden. Dr. Branden’s concept of “pseudo self-esteem” describes to a tee the self-image instability that Doctors Yochelson and Samenow observed in their subject offenders. We think viewing the issue of criminality through the lens of Dr. Branden’s work in self-esteem permits a deeper understanding of the criminal
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